Can You Fix Ripped or Damaged Fur?

Get your ripped or Damaged fur repaired
Everyone is all too familiar with the stress and heartache that comes when their favorite garment rips or otherwise becomes damaged. The same is true for our beloved fur garments. But do you have to accept this damage and live with the fact that your garment will never be back to its best? Read on for more information on this issue, and find the answer to your "where to find fur repair near me" search in Virginia and North Carolina.

Can You Fix Ripped or Damaged Fur?

It is indeed possible to repair ripped or damaged fur garments. In fact, it is best to seek repairs at the first sign of any damage before the issue gets worse. A skilled furrier can sew and repair the fur and get the garment back to its original condition. These repairs are easiest to make when the rip or damage is detected earlier, so it's best not to put off taking action once you notice damage to your fur items. This is also why it is so important to store your furs with us each year because our expert furriers closely inspect each garment that is stored are able to detect issues that are beginning to surface.

Factors That Affect How Long it Takes to Repair Luxury Fur

If you're looking to have some repairs made for a fur garment you have that has suffered a rip or other type of damage, these are some of the factors that might impact how long it takes to complete those repairs.

The Extent of the Damage

The main factor that determines how long your repairs will take is how extensive the damage is. That makes it especially important to get your furs in for repairs the moment you notice any damage. This will let you take care of the issue early before the damage increases and more extensive repairs are needed.

Damaged Accessories

The damage you need to have repaired might not be limited to just the fur itself. If zippers, buttons, fasteners, or other accessories attached to your fur garment are damaged, these can also be repaired to give your fur the form and function it had when it was brand new.

Bald Spots

While rips and other physical damage are the most common types of repairs made for furs, that isn't the only issue that can be addressed. If bald spots have formed anywhere on the fur due to damage caused by pests, that can also be repaired to give the fur a full and healthy look.

"Fur Repair Near Me"

Everyone wants their fur apparel to look as elegant and attractive as can be. In order to get the eye-catching look that professional repairs can achieve, it's best to hire a professional to take care of your repairs so that the garment you love can get back to the elegant condition it was in prior to the damage. Get an experienced hand to work on your favorite furs in order to restore them to their former glory in entirety. The full fur repair services that we offer will help you get your favorite garment back to its ideal condition. We also offer cleaning and maintenance services to keep the garment in that condition for years to come. Contact one of our locations to learn more about the services we offer!