Cleaning & Reconditioning

Annual cleaning and conditioning works wonders for the beauty and longevity of your beloved furs.

Our process gently cleanses every hair on the garment to maintain its beauty, luster and suppleness. Conditioning is a preventative measure to replenish the natural oils in your fur. This is absolutely imperative to the keeping your favorite fur looking vibrant for years to come.

The Fur Information Council of America recommends cleaning, glazing, and reconditioning your fur garments annually. The process removes loose hair, odors, soiling and maintains the sheen of your garment while keeping it soft and pliable.

We also provide refinishing services for leather, suede, and cashmere. When you trust the experts, you will notice the difference!

Cleaning & Reconditioning

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Let us restore and preserve the brilliance of your beautiful garments. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning & reconditioning services.

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