Storage of Furs

vault and fur coat

Why is it important to store your fur in cold storage? Because state of the art, UL-certified cold storage is equipped with the facilities to control temperature, humidity, and light to prolong the life of your fur.

Storage is essential to keep your fur in good condition for several years and protect it from mold, mildew, light, and other damaging factors like insects. Whether it's your fur, luxury outerwear, or accessories they can last for generations if properly stored and cared for.

Vault for Storage of Furs

Storage vaults meet specific temperature, humidity, and light conditions. Indeed, ventilation is the most crucial factor. Low temperature and humidity must remain constant during the storage period while lights are controlled, facing upward.

In addition, the fur storage vaults ceiling, walls, and floor have reinforced concrete, plus a brick exterior. They are similar to a bank with the same level of security, keeping your fur safe.

The idea behind keeping furs in storage is to protect them from natural light. Exposure to direct sunlight for a long time is damaging as it oxidizes the fur, turning it yellow and tarnishing it. It is irreversible damage. For this reason, the storage lights are on a timer and are faced upward to protect the fur from oxidation.

Thus, cold storage protects your fur from:

  • Drying causes the fur to tarnish, crack, and also fur loss
  • Mold, mildew, and a musty smell which is very difficult to get rid of
  • Discoloration of the fur, linked to the damaging action of the light
  • Pest attacks, such as moth, that damage your clothing

Conditioning the Fur

Like storage, conditioning of the furs is essential once a year. It rarely looks dirty, but an annual treatment restores its softness and freshness. The reconditioning process restores vigor to your fur, keeping it soft and shiny for a long time.

Even if you wear your fur occasionally, it is essential to have it conditioned to keep it silky. Our winter conditions are sometimes difficult, especially if your fur has come into contact with calcium. Therefore, we recommend you opt for reconditioning quickly because the salt weakens the leather significantly.

Thus, the maintenance of fur makes it possible to preserve its beauty and softness and increase its longevity.

For several years, Douglas Furs and Alan Furs have offered our customers the premium services of cold storage and conditioning of fur and remodeling, repair, and recycling services. The constant evolution of our company and its success are due to the innovation of our specialists, who create new ways of doing things to offer you unique services. Do not hesitate to contact us or stop by your favorite location for further information.